Greenwich Tea Burning Monument

The Greenwich Tea Burning monument was finished construction in 1908. It is located on Ye Greate Street and Bridgeton Road of Greenwich, New Jersey. On September 30 of 1908, a dedication ceremony of the monument was held. More than 7,000 people attended the event. When the monument was first finished construction, the land around it was bare and lifeless. With the help of friends and family members, the people of Greenwich planted trees and plants around the monument. Now, the land around the monument is bursting with life. On the monument, there are names of the tea burners engraved into the sides. Now, there are still ceremonies and other activities remembering the Greenwich Tea Burning held in front of the monument.

September 30, 1908


This is a picture taken on September 30, 1908 showing the Greenwich Tea Burning Monument dedication ceremony in which many thousand people attended.